The Junior support, with self-levelling base, is the only one that works without the aid of extensions or gradient compensators.
The movement of the screw runs between the head and the self-levelling base, allowing easy use of the adjustment key on a thread free from any constraints, all to the benefit of ease of levelling, even once the flooring is laid.

Livello 2
Junior - 5 anni

Junior - 160mm
Bi-material head diameter 160mm
Junior - pendenze 1,5%
Correcting a slope up to 1,5%
Junior - compensa altezza
Compensates finished floor height from 12 mm to 30 mm
Junior - Bimateria
Bi-Material head made of soundproof rubber with high heat resistance
Junior - Alette in gomma
Flexible rubber tabs ideal for accommodating 3 cm plates without breaking problems

Unique in the world,
with 160mm bi-material head

This product is unique because:

- it produces safe, stable and level raised floors, starting from 12 mm
- it suits all types of foundation
- it is perfect for all types of floor covering
- it is the only extremely thin support that works without the aid of compensators
- it has a self-levelling base
- it corrects inclines up to 1.5% without compensators
- it handles all aspects of laying with exclusive tools

Exclusive adjustable low support
for elevated floors

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